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The Ghana Air Force (GHF) is an arm of the Ghana Armed Forces together with the Army and the Navy. GHF was established on 24 July 1959, as a Flying Training school with Israel instructors and technicians under the command of Lt Col Adam Shatkay. Air Commodore K Janswant Singh was appointed the first Chief of Air Staff after the Air Force Headquarters was established in Accra.

Currently, the Ghana Air Force has 3 Air Bases located in Accra, Takoradi, Tamale and a Tactical Command in Bui. Like its sister services, the Army and the Navy, it is uniquely structured with the Headquarters situated in Burma Camp. There are four main Branches within the Air Force setup namely; Operations, Engineering, Supply and Administration.

This branch system is replicated at the Base level in lower echelons called Wings, Squadrons, Flights and Sections. None of these Branches work in isolation but rather work together complementing each other to achieve the best for the Ghana Air Force.

"To deliver airpower to meet national security objectives".
"To become a Smart Air Force capable of defending our territorial Air Space against any threat and deliver air power effectively and efficiently for national development whiles enhancing the Welfare of Airmen".
Over Decades in Ruling

The National Defense Policy states certain specific tasks which the Ghana Air Force is expected to perform:

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Close Air Support

To maintain Fighter Ground Attack capability and provide Close Air Support during operation.

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To provide transport support to the Ghana Armed Forces.

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To provide surveillance over the air space of Ghana and over the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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To provide liaison, recce flight capability and To provide VIP flight capability.

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To provide transport support for civilians as government directs.

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To provide medical evacuation and air rescue assistance.


Stanza One

For the land our fathers gave their lives, We serve with dignity Fearless faithful, loyal true and just We pledge our lives to thee


Ghana Air Force upwards we fly, To defend our motherland Our faith grows stronger as we rise To guard our cherished peace

Stanza Two

When the threats of battle ruins the peace, With courage strike the foe To defend the airspace of Ghana, Like eagles from the sky


I am an Airman of the Ghana Air Force, Committed to Excellence Like the Eagle; Drawing strength from the Sky I will defend the Republic of Ghana I will Command the skies wherever duty calls I will Safeguard our Cherished Peace and Sovereignty Which is worthy of my utmost Sacrifice. So help me God


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