Flight operations are the core duty of the Air Force, and the Base plays a vital role in fulfilling this mandate for both the State and the military. The air assets of the Base endow it with the airpower to protect the territorial airspace of Ghana and contribute to national development.

The Air Force, under the command of the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), has witnessed an increase in the tempo of air operations. This was made possible with the overhaul of 2 x Mi-17 V5 helicopters and 2 x CASA C295 fixed-wing aircraft.

This is to fulfil the Chief of Air Staff’s Vision of making the Ghana Air Force capable of contributing to nation building. In achieving this Vision, the Base has successfully delivered airpower for national security and developmental objectives in collaboration with the Army, Navy and other government organizations. Our air assets have made it possible to successfully support the operations and exercises of the Army and the Navy both internally and externally. Key among these air support activities are Operations MOTHERLAND, HALT II, Exercises EAGLE CLAW, FLINTLOCK, OBANGAME and SEA LION.

The Base also provides support for Peace Support Operations. This includes deployment of Aviation Units for Peace Support Operations, Logistics Resupply and Rotation of Contingents on Peace Support Operations. Strategic flight support for Government’s International Relations, and diplomatic transport flights in support of Ghana’s Foreign Policy are also executed safely and securely.

Thus, there are numerous VIP and VVIP international flights in support of Ghana's foreign policy as the Base remains the main reception and transit point for dignitaries, government officials and the military high command on internal and international flights.