Role of the Administration Wing

The Administration Wing forms part of the four Wings of the Base, primarily responsible for the day-to-day administrative matters, personnel management and all parades and ceremonies The Administration Wing of the Base, just like the other wings, is headed by an Officer Commanding (OC), with a substantive rank of Wing Commander. The OC is directly responsible to the Base Commander for all the responsibilities of the Wing.

To enable efficiency and smooth performance of its functions, the Wing is divided into the Personnel Services Squadron (PSS) and Morale, Welfare and Recreational Squadron (MWRS). These Squadrons have their unique roles and duties and are also headed by Officers Commanding but, with substantive ranks of Squadron Leaders. They are directly responsible to the OCAW in the discharge of their duties.

To facilitate the efficient and effective management of the Base, the Wing is divided into vital role-playing sections. These sections perform their tasks harmoniously under the supervision of the Squadron OCs on the command of the OCAW.

The General Duties Section is responsible for the regimental training of troops in weapons and drill, supervises all parades and ceremonies in the Base. They manage the deployment of troops for duties within and outside the Base such as Operations CITADEL, HALT I and II, MOTHERLAND, Command Gate, Ministry of Defence, GAFCSC, KAIPTC, MATS and Afienya. The Physical Training Section oversees physical training and games necessary for the fitness of personnel.

The Clerical Section handles the documents of personnel, receipt and dispatch of correspondence, publication of personnel occurrences and is the pivot of communication internally and externally. The Police, who are the watchdogs of the Base, maintain discipline and order amongst personnel and record all daily occurrences on the Base.

The Band, with their expertise, is responsible for orchestrating live musical performances for both military and civil functions. Flight Catering is solely responsible for the provision of ration, preparation of meals for personnel on duty, courses, sports camping and other Base functions. In summary, the Administration Wing deals with the human resource, parades and ceremonial matters for the Base.