History of AFB (Accra)

The Air Force Station Accra came into being soon after the Royal Air Force (RAF) had taken over the administration and organization from the Indian and Israeli Air Force at the beginning of 1961. The Station, which was housed in the No. 3 Hangar at the main Accra Airport, had hardly any airplanes at its inception.

Administrative and other staff were, however, in place and ready for the arrival of the Station’s first aircraft. The Station had four main sub units called Wings. These were the Administrative Wing, Flying Wing, Technical Wing and the Equipment Wing. The School of Technical Training (now School of Trade Training) of the Ghana Air Force was also located on this Station. The Commanding Officer (CO) of the Station was Sqn Ldr Hanslip of the RAF. However, Flying Officer Peter Agyekum acted as the CO from September to December 1961 before he was posted to Takoradi as an Administrative Officer.

In January 1962, the Communications Squadron was formed. It consisted of a Presidential Flight, a Helicopter Flight and a Flight for general communications duties such as flying staff officers on inspections and other administrative duties. In the same year, the Ghana Air Force took delivery of five new Whirlwind helicopter aircraft and two ex-Ghana Airways DH 114-Heron aircraft. All the aircraft were in the Communications Squadron with the Herons, a Beaver and an Otter from Takoradi forming 'A' Flight and the helicopters, 'B' Flight. Later that same year, the Squadron acquired a brand new Heron for the Presidential Flight. Flying Officer DK Tettey became the CO for a brief period before going to Takoradi in 1963 as the OC Administration Wing. Flight Lieutenant Agyekum came back to Accra as Commanding Officer in April 1963, taking over from Flying Officer Tettey. He held this position until June 1965 when he was posted to Air Force Headquarters (AFHQ) as Senior Officer in charge of Administration (SOA). The Air Force Station at that time was still at No. 3 Hangar.

In September 1963, the Helicopter ‘B’ Flight attained the status of a Squadron – Number 3 Squadron. Towards the end of 1965, the entire Station moved from No. 3 Hangar to its current location. However it was realized that the office accommodation and space were inadequate as the new Station was not fully complete. No. 3 Squadron was therefore returned to the old No. 3 Hangar until all the building had been completed at the Station. The Station Headquarters was located at what is now the Engineering Wing at the Base.

At about the same time that the Station moved to its present location, the Macchi jets of the newly formed No.4 Jet Squadron joined the Station. Initially, it was intended that the No. 4 Jet Squadron with its jets would be a lodger unit in transit to its permanent base in Tamale.

Since its inception. The Station has been home to several types of helicopters, the Macchis of No. 4 Jet Squadron, all the Presidential/VIP aircraft as well as other aircraft that have been operated by the Communications Squadron.

The Station was initially established with the rank of the Station Commander as Wing Commander. However, as the Station grew, the rank of the Station Commander was also elevated to Group Captain. The Air Force Station Accra in 2001 metamorphosed into Air Force Base Accra and the rank of the Base Commander correspondingly elevated to Air Commodore.