The Master Air Warrant Officer of the Ghana Air Force, Master Warrant Officer Bawa Abdulai and Warrant Officer Class One Hammond Vera have visited the Kisling Non-Commissioned Officers Academy in Kaiserslautern in Germany from 5 to 7 June 2024.



The familiarisation visit which was at the invitation of the United States Air Force (USAF) was geared towards building the Airman through joint professional military education. It provided the participants an opportunity to gain a firsthand insight into how USAF conducts professional education. It also created an avenue for them to share experiences on how to grow enlisted forces.



During the 3-day visit, the participants also made up of personnel from Senegal held discussions, presentations and practical sessions on professional development of the enlisted personnel. Topics discussed included airman development, strategic perspective, foundational competence and outcomes of the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. They were also given a guided tour of the facilities of the prestigious Kisling Non-Commissioned Officers Academy.



At the end of the visit, MWO Bawa presented a Kente stole as a memorabilia to the Deputy Commandant of the Academy, Master Sergeant Carlos Aheran Clemente and Master Sergeant Corona who is responsible for Professional Military Education at the Academy.